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SG8250 50mm Galvo Scanner

Release time:2018-03-28 15:29  

Sino-Galvo’s galvanometer motors are designed by adopting the magnet-moving structure, combining the most advanced international photoelectric sensor technology and the PDM control mode, and using the Military-grade processes and technologies.

The model SG8250 galvo scanner has the good running stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed, strong anti-interference ability, the overall performance of SG8230 has reached the international leading level in this field. The advantages are as following:

■ Adopted the photoelectric sensors which imported from America, and owned the proprietary intellectual property rights.

■ Differential photoelectric sensor for accurate detection of motor rotor position, good linearity, lower drift, high resolution and repeat positioning.

■ Accurate load design for 50mm mirrors, high accuracy of motor assembly, reasonable structure, very small static friction coefficient and zero offset, all ensured the best dynamic characteristics for the whole system.

■ Drives with advanced detection ability of position and speed, greatly improved the dynamic response performance and scanning speed of the whole system.

■ The whole system adopted the optimization Designing of electromagnetic compatibility, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.

■ This scanner system solved the common problems of motor temperature drift, signal interference and zero drift, etc.

Parameter scanning motor

Operating temperature range: - 0 DEG -45 DEG
Linearity: 99.9%
Step response time is less than or equal to 0.3ms
The proportion of the drift of <40PPM/ DEG C
Zero drift: <15 Rad./ C
Long time drift (8 consecutive hours of work): <0.5mRad.
The average working current: 2.0A
The peak current: 15A
The maximum scan angle: 15 degrees
Storage temperature: -10 to +60 DEG C
Resolution: 12uRad.
Repeatability: 8uRad.
The input aperture: 9.0mm
The beam displacement: 12.4mm
Weight: 45g

Frequency: 1200Hz

The parameters of servo drive plate
Input voltage: 15VDC
Interface: digital signal (XY2-100)
Position signal input resistance: 1K + 1%
Position signal input scale factor: 0.33V/°
Position signal output scale factor: 0.33V/°
Working temperature: 0 degrees -45 degrees
The driver board size (length * width * height): 75 x 55 x 30mm