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CSG9210 Marking Control Board

Release time:2015-12-24 11:05  


CSG-9210 Control board is mainly used in laser marking, the USB Interface is connected to PC. It has different functions and used in various laser marking, it can meet all kinds of high speed-high precise marking.

For CSG-9210 control board according to different laser sources it have different kinds and can get best marking performance in the different laser marking. Has the following features:

1. Using USB Interface, with better anti-interference, further transfer distance.

2. Using higher performance control chip, the speed of control system become  


3. Can be connect to fiber laser directly via serial port.

4. Expansion axis can support 3-Axis step motors and servo motors, with  

   hardware level left and right limiting function and origin detection function.

5. Supporting extra 2 high frequency PWM, the frequency is 1KHz~10MHz.

6. With overload, overcurrent and reverse protection, more reliable operation.

7. Can be controlled via flash disk and touch screen, easy to operate.

8. Can be connected to Analog galvo scanner directly, don’t need DAC.

9. Better performance with Sino-Galvo’s scanners.