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Fractional System Control Board

Release time:2015-12-24 11:04  

This control board was specially designed for fractional laser control system according to the industrial computer motherboards designing technology. It has the comprehensive isolation measures, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability and combined the international most advanced galvo technology and drive control mode, The performance and features as follows:

1. Various of shapes including square, circle, triangular, hexagonal and line are supported. The scale of axis can be adjusted in X and Y directions     individually.
2. Friendly interface, multilingual support.
3. Accurate scanning with adjustable dots density and dot energy.
4. Functions of laser power calibration, indicating light calibration and brightness adjustment.
5. Various protections to ensure the laser system safe and reliable.
6. Multifold control board interface, support RS232 and 485 communication protocol, multi-channel protection signal input interface.
7. Standard interfaces, convenient connected with control system, and can provide customized control system for different clients.
8. Two operation mode are supported, the pattern scanning mode(fractional mode) and super pulse mode.