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JS1505 Medical Galvo Scanner

Release time:2015-12-24 15:53  

Motor Specification

Working Temperature: 0℃-45℃

Linearity: 99.9%

Setting Time: ≤0.4ms

Scale Drift: <40PPM/℃

Zero Drift: <15μRad. /℃

Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours: <0.5mRad

RMS Current: 2.5A

Peak Current: 10A (Max)

Maximum Scan Angle: ±15°

Storage Temperature: -10 to +60℃

Resolution: 12μrad

Repeatability: 8μrad

Input Aperture: 5.0-7.0mm

Beam Displacement: 10.7mm

Weight: 38g

Frequency: ≤800Hz


Servo Drive Board Specification

Input Voltage: ±15VDC

Interface Signals Analog: ±5V

Fault Signal Output (TTL level): H is for galvanometer working normally

                 L for galvanometer failure

Position Digital Input Resistance: 200KΩ±1%

Position Signal Input Resistance: 1KΩ±1%

Position Signal Input Scale Factor: 0.5V/°

Position Signal Output Scale Factor: 0.5V/°

Working Temperature: 0 degrees-45 degrees

Dimension (length*width*height): 75x58x33mm

The Characteristics of JS1505 Scanner:

1. The scanner hand piece only weight 260g, it has the characteristics of high cost-efficiency, smaller size, and high accuracy, flexible and convenient operations.

2. It was adopted the F-Theta lens instead of focusing lens, the uniformity of scanning point is very fine in the marking plane, the minimum beam diameter can reach 0.1mm.

3. The motors adopted the photoelectric sensors technology, with higher speed, smaller size, light weight, the setting time reached 0.3ms.

4. The control board are designed according to the industrial computer motherboard standard, comprehensive configuration isolation measures, with good electromagnetic compatibility, stronger anti-interference ability, can effectively prevent the motherboard damage caused by external input error signals or power supply.

5. With powerful software function, convenient parameter settings, a variety of scanning shapes and scanning mode for options, the scanning shapes can be two way adjusted.