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MC1603-A Scanning System

Release time:2020-04-27 17:05  

MC1603-A High Speed Galvanometer Scanner motors are introduced from America, has the advantages of small size, high speed & high precision, good stability, etc.
With stable performance combined with industrial camera system, its real-time displayed high definition working interface can be enlarged via computer or other visual equipment, which can reduce the operator’s visual fatigue; this has positive promotion for laser marking application on areas are invisible or are difficult to be observed by naked eye.

Technical Specification

Marking Speed: 4000mm/s
Positioning Speed: 4000mm/s
Writing Speed: 301cps
Step Response Time(1% of full scale): 370us
Step Response Time(10% of full scale): 630us
Tracking Error Time: ≤202us
Precision and Error:
Linearity: 99.9%
Repeatability (RMS): <8μRad
Gain Error: <5mRad
Zero Offset: <5mRad
Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours: <0.5mRad
Scale Drift: <40PPM/℃
Zero Drift: <15μRad./℃
Power and Signal
Input Voltage: ±15VDC
RMS Current: 2A
Interface Signal: XY2-100(Digital) ±5V(Analog)
Peak Current: 8A
Position Signal Input Resistance: 10KΩ±1%
Machinery Scan Angle: ±15°
Working Current, Temperature, Dimension
Working Temperature: 0℃--45℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃--60℃
Aperture: 10mm
Galvanometer Scanner Dimension (LxWxH): 134×96.5×121.9mm
Galvanometer Scanner Weight: ≈0.9Kg