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SG8230 High Speed Galvo Scanner

Release time:2018-03-27 17:20  

The model SG8230 galvo scanner has the good running stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed, strong anti-interference ability, the overall performance of SG8230 has reached the international leading level in this field.

Motor Specification

Working Temperature: 0℃-45℃

Linearity: 99.9%

Setting Time: ≤1.2ms

Scale Drift: <40PPM/℃

Zero Drift: <15μRad./℃

Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours: <0.5mRad

RMS Current: 4.0A

Peak Current: 25A

Maximum Scan Angle: ±15°

Storage Temperature: -10 to +60

Resolution: 12μrad

Repeatability: 8μrad

Input Aperture: 30mm

Beam Displacement: 39.5mm

Weight: 750g

Frequency: ≤400Hz


Servo Drive Board Specification

Input Voltage: ±24VDC

Interface Signals Digital: XY2-100

Position Signal Input Resistance: 1KΩ±1%

Position Signal Input Scale Factor: 0.33V/°

Position Signal Output Scale Factor: 0.33V/°

Working Temperature: 0 degrees-45 degrees

Dimension (length*width*height): 80×54×28mm