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JD1403 High Speed Galvo Scanner

Release time:2018-03-27 15:55  

JD1403 scanner using high-speed motor imported from the United States, the standard of incident beam 

diameter is 9mm, has the characteristics of small volume, high speed, high precision, good stability, compre

-hensive indicators have reached international advanced level of technology.

Parameter scanning motor

Operating temperature range: - 0 DEG -45 DEG
Linearity: 99.9%
Step response time is less than or equal to 0.3ms
The proportion of the drift of <40PPM/ DEG C
Zero drift: <15 Rad./ C
Long time drift (8 consecutive hours of work): <0.5mRad.
The average working current: 2.0A
The peak current: 15A
The maximum scan angle: 15 degrees
Storage temperature: -10 to +60 DEG C
Resolution: 12uRad.
Repeatability: 8uRad.
The input aperture: 9.0mm
The beam displacement: 13.5mm
Weight: 45g

Frequency: 1200Hz

The parameters of servo drive plate
Input voltage: 15VDC
Interface: digital signal (XY2-100)
Position signal input resistance: 1K + 1%
Position signal input scale factor: 0.33V/°
Position signal output scale factor: 0.33V/°
Working temperature: 0 degrees -45 degrees
The driver board size (length * width * height): 75 x 49 x 28mm