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New Generation Fractional Laser System

Release time:2015-12-08 14:46  

Fractional laser instrument adopts the most advanced super pulsed laser and precision automatic computer controlled scanning technology, using effect of laser thermal penetration, under the accurate guidance of galvo scanner, then on the skin form a uniform diameter of 0.1mm tiny holes. Skin tissue will uniform gasification instantly under the effect of laser energy and heat, and stimulating the skin compounds lots of new collagen, fresh collagen reproduces regeneration by the heated makes skin tight and luster, wrinkles removal, pouch vanish, scar repair. While Rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, large pigment patches are bursting into dust, or excreted with scurf, or with lymph circulation gradually discharged, so as to achieve the effect of refirming, rejuvenation, freckle removal and whiten.

Sino-Galvo (Beijing) Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which produces, researches & develops high quality " fractional laser", the products with independent intellectual property rights, have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan and other countries and areas, with its innovative expertise and perfect service system to get the praise of many customers at home and abroad.

Technology to create beauty! Sino-Galvo willing to work with you with flexible ways of cooperation, work together to create new epoch in medical beauty industry of "fractional laser ".