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Sino-Galvo 10th Anniversary Celebration

Release time:2017-10-31 13:58  

In this golden autumn season of October, we had a feeling of joy here have a joyous gathering, celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sino-Galvo technology. In the past 10 years, Sino-Galvo technology was under the strong leadership of president Mr. Zhou to fulfill their original dream step by step that create a national brand with independent intellectual property rights. Look back on those ten years, Sino-Galvo successfully withstood the marketing fierce competition and obtained great achievement. On Oct. 29, 2017, in order to celebrate this important moment, Sino-Galvo held the 10th Anniversary celebration at Zhenjiang Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The activity of attending personnel except all the members of the group company, also includes client representatives, suppliers and selfless supporting friends, everyone get together to share this happiness. At 2:00 PM, every guest walked into the conference hall with the expected mood. There exists one signature wall at the entrance of hall, most guests signed autographs on it and took photos to record the beautiful moment. News briefing was beginning with a great momentums video show, when the "Sino-Galvo 10th Anniversary " letters on the center of the aureole, thunderous applause around the venue, and each Sino-Galvo people was proud of it.

Firstly, Ms. Renlan Xu, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Zhenjiang National University Science Park, made a wonderful speech which affirmed Sino-Galvo’s achievements and promised to keep on providing best supports and helps in the future. Then, representatives of domestic laser industry showed their sincere congratulations and shared cooperation achievement with Sino-Galvo technology. What’s more, Sino-Galvo’s overseas customer representatives -- Mr. AHN KUWANG YEONG from South Korea IDS, Mr. Ryutaro Kuwamura   from Japan Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Mr. Giuseppe Donato from Italy Energy Laser Srl Company were all made wonderful speeches. Even we are from different countries with different languages, but we are all have the same persistent pursuit in laser industry. Finally, our president Mr. Zhou made the grand finale speech, which climax pushed atmosphere. “Ten years ago, Thanks for you”, we not only appreciate all the oversea and domestic partners, but also thanks for all the stuffs and families’ understanding and support.

Feast always matches with wonderful shows, after the news conference, all people together celebrated Sino-Galvo 10 years’ achievements. The celebration activity ended in the harmony atmosphere. 10 years ups and downs, 10 years legendary development, Sino-Galvo Technology fulfilled the original dream by ten years persistence. Honor carries our history, future requires our exploration. Let’s work together to witness Sino-Galvo bright future!