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SINO-GALVO at 2017 Laser World of Photonics

Release time:2017-08-23 14:43  

June 29, 2017, the 23rd Laser-World of Photonics Exhibition ended in New International Exihibition Center, German. As one of exhibitors, sino-galvo has displayed scanning galvanometer and control system the unique high stability products for different application fields. Sino-galvo has brought new force to the laser industry. At the same time, the exhibition makes us to moving forward more rapidly.

Laser-World of Photonics is the only professional exhibition covering all photoelectron industry in all categories, showing the topest technology, bringing thousands of optoelectronic enterprises from all over the world together. A variety of new design, advanced products and application technology have also appeared on the stage. In this year, the exhibition line-up has an unprecedented growth: 55000㎡ showing area, 1227  exhibitors from 42 countries, not only supporting the development of Muich photonics, but also showing the rapid development of optoelectronic products.

This is no more than an industrial feast but a harvest trip. During the past 4 days, sino-galvo has attracted many visitors' attention, detailed and professional explanation from our trade personnel showed the features and advantages vividly. Many overseas customers and exhibitors have had a more in-depth understanding of sino-galvo, and have strong cooperation intention.

In the competitive market today, grabing the demands is the key to success. Sino-galvo will adher to philosophy "People-oriented, Innovation by science and technology, taking customer’s demand as center", provide professional and efficient systematic solutions for laser industry with mature professional form.

Sino-galvo is looking forward to your visit and cooperation!