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‘SINO-GALVO’ Trademark in European Union successfully registered

Release time:2015-11-24 11:21  

Warmly celebrate SINO-GALVO (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has successfully registered ‘SINO-GALVO’ Trademark in European Union!

We got good news from OHIM – OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET, that ‘SINO-GALVO’ brand from laser industry in China has officially received Trademark Certificate of Registration, which is the first time for Sino-Galvo to receive overseas registered trademark, and help enhance its brand value in EU market and enforce intellectual property protection.

European Community Trademark is a Trademark system adopted by EU Conference and used by 28 countries in EU. By obtaining this certificate, the intellectual property rights of ‘SINO-GALVO’ brand will be effectively protected in 28 countries in EU, and speed up the company’s global market development.