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2015 Tourism Event Reports

Release time:2015-10-30 17:41  

In order to strengthen the enterprise culture, implement the Human-oriented management, and further enrich the amateur cultural life of staff, in 2015, Sino-Galvo pioneered a unique tourism and cultural activities. The firm organized different group tourisms, respectively, traveling to Shandong, Yunnan, Sichuan, as well as abroad in Dubai, Egypt and Thailand.

All along fulfilling the "people-oriented" principle, Sino-Galvo is committed to building corporate culture and incarnating humanitarian care. With active participation of all departments and well-organization, the activities concluded successfully. The event not only enrich employees’ amateur life, but promote feeling with each other, inspire staff’s working enthusiasm, and extremely enhance the team’s cohesion and solidarity. The caring image of company made a deep impression on all staff.

As the representative one among all teams, "Eagle Team" led by President Zhou, went to the Gongga Mountains for a week-long go-hiking trip in August. The whole journey was 120 kilometers on foot in 7 days with phone no signal. Accompanied by bad weather and altitude sickness, "Eagle Team" crossed successfully the snow-capped mountains of Gongga which is 4900 meters above sea level. Throughout the whole journey, it was physical strength and perseverance that challenged all members, for the reason that some of them were joining hiking trip for the first time.

However, instead of quitting and retreating, they hold on and helped each other to the end. During the whole period, Zhou hiked forward together with other members, wind and rain peers, pain and happiness. When feasting their eyes on the beautiful scenery everywhere, they felt all the efforts were well worthwhile

The event has great and positive influence on promoting the enterprise culture construction which has been reelected by enrichment of staff’s amateur cultural life, inspiration of their working enthusiasm, enhancement of communication between them. And it also has played a significant role in promoting team spirit and sense of group honor.