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2014 Annual Meeting of Sino-Galvo

Release time:2015-02-12 13:22  

Feb. 7th 2015 was a special day for Sino-Galvo Technology which has been involved in galvo scanner project for 7 years. At this historic event of the development of Sino-Galvo, all employees from purchasing, production, R&D,domestic and overseas marketing department, gathered at conference hall of CEC Caihong Mansion and have made serious promise to fulfill the common goal of ‘Start Afresh in 2015, Achieve 15000 sets’!

Looking back in 2014: we gave up the cooperation with CTI, to choose self-innovation and development national brand; establishment of Sino-Galvo (Jiangsu) and Beijing headquarters moving to a new larger facility, both production and sales exceeds 1000 sets per month; establishment of representative office in South Korea and India to lay a solid foundation for global marketing in 2015; certified as ‘Beijing High Tech. Enterprise’ and received ISO 9001 certification, plus CE and RoHS certifications; gynecology scanner, digital galvo scanner with 14mm beam aperture, high imitation Scanlab galvo scanner have been successfully developed; Total to more than 100 staff members in the company; more than 20 models applied to industrial marking, medical beauty, 3D rapid prototyping, research and applications fields, etc.

In 2015, we will strengthen development of dynamic focus system and digital galvo scanner, and establish software R&D center; stabilize the performance of products and reduce the repair rate to less than 3%; 3D printing as a breakthrough point of new application fields, further development the domestic and overseas market; boost production capacity of Sino-Galvo (Jiangsu) to become the largest galvo scanner production base in the world; fulfill the annual goal of 15000 sets and make good preparation for ‘New Three Board’.

As the annual meeting ended in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, we toasted and exchanged congratulations on the great success of ‘Launch Event of Start Afresh in 2015, Achieve 15000 sets’.